Welcome to the 7 step training to help you create an affiliate product funnel for your business.

 Complete all the steps to get the best results
Part 1- Set Up the ClickFunnels
1. Get a FREE 2 week trial of Clickfunnels (5 minutes)
This is the software to bring everything together...Free no obligation trial.

Get access to Funnel Builder Secrets training to learn how to put it all together.
Funnels, images, backgrounds, copyright, integrations.

If you don't want to use your clinic website then get a domain from Namecheap
If you are using your clinic website go to step 3
2. To Get a domain from Namecheap (10 minutes)
Yourname.com is a good option. 

3. Connect domain to Clickfunnels (10 minutes)
(click here for detailed instructions)

Part 2- Set Up Your Website
Part 3- Set Up Your Email
 Once connected to Aweber check out the Free Training they offer
If you do not have an email manager 
1. Sign up for a Aweber Email Autoresponder (5 minutes)
2. Create a Gsuite account for a new email address then connect with your domain (15 minutes)
G Suite essentially allows you and your employees to have their own Gmail accounts with email addresses with your business domain name (example: john@yourbusiness.com).
By now you should have:
Funnel Software Free Trial
Web page integration 
Email manager

Time to pick affiliate products and sell them, online as part of your business or as a separate business income.

Pick the right products and target your marketing at the right audience. 

Part 4- Build Relationships
If you are feeling overwhelmed there are lots of tools available
Part 3- Drive Traffic to Your Affiliates
1. Become involved
Most affiliate give up within a trial period, do join the facebook group and stay motivated, its not a quick get rich scheme, its a structure methodical approach to marketing so you still need to get involved, this just makes it easier to follow through.
2. Once you are an active member there is support
On joining ClickFunnels  you will have access to free and paid templates, resources, facebook pages. everything to help you get the best out of this method.
A group to share idea's funnels, products and services that are useful within the clinic setting.
Next go to the Resources to find suitable products for your Businesses... 
The next steps if you have a product selected
Part 5- Create Your Content
Create a blog post that is structured to maximise your message and information about what your are writing about.
It needs to give value and you needs to have enthusiasm for it.

Initially you are creating and building a relationship with your future patients.
Your content needs to demonstrate:
  •  Interest: You want them to read it
  •  Benefits: Our foam roller reduces muscle tension
  • Value: Relaxed muscle perform better
  • Solutions: Cannot get a Deep tissue massage
Part 6- Create Your Graphics
A picture says a thousand words because its gets our attention, if you are using an affiliate piece of equipment that's fine and quite easy most suppliers offer images and allow usage without copyright issues.

Three great resources are:
Canva-a self design tool
Fiverr- cheap way to get someone else to do it
ClickFunnels -have image resource references in their image upload user area.

Part 7- Distribute Content
Create a Funnel in ClickFunnels, there are free and paid templates within to make this easier.
Next send your created content to your  patient/customer base or utilise paid options such as PPC and Facebook Ads:
-News Letters- patients and clients
-Social Media- FaceBook/Instagram
-Create video content for Social Media
-Advertisement- PPC

With any marketing you are looking to offer solutions to make life easier, but remember people might not want to buy immediately so offer the option to send useful information about the product or services, use a free give away or special offer to exchange contact details.
Questions? Email info@francisconnor.co.uk
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