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Business Therapy Growth
Tools For Clinic growth with online resources and affiliate marketing...
Welcome to my journey
Here's how  I create extra income to help improve the profitability of my clinic and business.

In every day clinical practise I offer solutions, I assess, treat, manage and rehabilitate, as an affiliate I do the same. I offer solutions to problems utilising products I know and trust, I don't stock them I simply link to them and allow the patient to follow the advise and direction, thats it, thats my affiliate marketing.

I use the necessary tools to communicate effectively with my patients in a structured and straight forward way. Being in private practise with lots of competition can be hard...
Your marketing needs to be;

Offer solutions

This information is not about what you do, it simply offers the tools to help you carry it out effectively within a structure that works.

When did you last see a MacDonalds advert and thought "thats a rubbish advert!" or did you simply think "Rubbish them burgers" or even "I fancy one of them".. 

The resources are tools only, let's use them well.
So let me ask you a question?
Have you ever felt frustrated with the business you are working with and would like a little extra income with less use of your hands?

Maybe you simply work every hour in the day and want more. I know for from personal experience this is the rule in general, however I also know the issues running a clinic, there are no problems with therapy, the flaws are in the therapy business model, you get paid for what you do, not always what you are worth, you pass on great knowledge with great treatment, information and recommend really useful kit or equipment only for someone else to profit.
And you have to continue to use you hands to build the business in the way that you want, even though you KNOW there is only so much you can do.

Personally, I have been there a a couple of times having built up and sold two successful and busy clinics, now only working one part time. It was only after an injury that I realised as much as I love my job I needed more security, a way of adding to my income that falls in line with how I work as a therapist….I decided long ago to stop building a business based purely on my hands and build my own residual income with out me and on auto pilot…
As a therapist working within a clinic… its a job of many positions, therapist, bookkeeper, marketeer, receptionist, administrator and tea maker, its like being employed for one job and given extra tasks! How many times do you take the admin home or work late at night to do the marketing. 

You may have realised as a therapist you work hard and you work long hours… you get the patients and clients while you can!
You never take 2 week holidays… you become a master of short breaks which just don’t quite do it.
I have friends who like me love there job but the conditions are a little different, they have options for holidays, sickdays! wow what a luxury anyone self employed understands they don’t have. Now this isn’t a complaint its a reality and I wouldn’t want to change my job for anything!

The great thing about being a therapists is it really does make a difference, its a hands on job and so many patients and clients become great friends, however back to the big flaw with this business model?
You are the business and as good a job being a therapist is… there are only so many treatments you can do and can do for so long.

The secret to longevity is to make passive income…an income that does not require you to put your hands on a body! in fact once you have the right process in place you will not be doing anymore than what most people do as part of a clinic marketing plan, and if you haven’t never spent some time to check your emails to find an affiliate commission, you are missing out on one of the best feelings ever. Okay, back to your escape plan… Of course its not reasonable to just stop practising, cancel all you appointment, and say “I am going ALL IN with affiliate marketing!” if you don’t know what it is, what to do, how it might work in a clinic practice and simply not have the tools or plan to use Them. 

Bottom line we love our job, we just need a little more from it! Which brings us back to the question of why you would want to build an Affiliate Marketing Passive Income business for your clinic or therapy anyway…to have more time? a better service?..And more money? To have more freedom? Maybe to fund the 2 week holiday without stressing about not being in the clinic.. 

It all depends on your own personal “why”… I may not know you your “why”, but it may be because you want to build something of your OWN, where you are fully responsible for your own results, no stock, no invoicing, no running to the post office and not reliant on what we do with our hands . Just full accountability with yourself and your clinic, to build a profitable practice with a passive income, and impact that is solely YOURS!  

Within the clinic you have two streams of income patients and products, often together but often separate, each requires a slightly different approach, both need a funnel. Thats your sales funnel a journey your patient takes to book in for an appointment or purchase something that makes life easier!!
Free Training To Get You Online With Creating Patient Funnels and Affiliate Marketing
The basics to Get You going nline with affiliate marketing and clinic development
Patient Funnels
We all have a sales process, but often there is no structure. we need a process to create the right environment to help visitors become patients and clients, offering the right solutions, at the right time, we need a patient orientated sales funnel.
Affiliate Funnels
As therapists and clinic owners we often recommend products and service to help speed up recovery, training equipment for rehabilitation, oils and supplements even,  we  need a way to do this without stocking them, and make a residual income at the same time
The great news is these are proven, simple with plenty of support available.
What's a Patient Orientated Funnel
How do you convert a visitor to a patient or client
How do you attract patients
# 1
Do you use PPC, SEO or maybe facebook? and then send them to your home page?
# 2
When someone shows interest but not ready to book in how do you keep in contact?....
# 3 
Do you post slots available on Facebook and hope someone books in?
You Need A Plan
You Need A Patient Funnel
Choosing Affiliate Products
Choose products you RECOMMEND and would use yourself
Products need to give value
# 1
What products you have recommended to your patients? have they useful to them?...
# 2
Think of the products you use in your sporting environment or event massage oil you use, my sons Thai boxing club recommends the traditional Thai boxing remedies and some even the old time remedy "dog oil".
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