Welcome To The 6 Step  Free Training To Create A Patient Funnel For Therapists And Clinics!

 Complete all the steps to get the best results
Part 1- Set Up ClickFunnels
1. Get a FREE 2 week trial of Clickfunnels (5 minutes)
This is the software to bring everything together...Free no obligation trial
If you don't have or don't want to use your clinic website then get a domain from NameCheap.
If you are using your clinic website go to step 3
2. Get a domain from NameCheap (10 minutes)
Yourname.com is a good option. 

3. Connect domain to Clickfunnels (10 minutes)
Click funnels have support articles, videos to help you get connected..start with this article to connect.
Part 2- Set Up Your Website
Part 3- Set Up the Email Marketing
You need to communicate with your patients to create a relationship thats good for you and your patients,if your clinic diary does not have a CRM then you need to integrate an email manager.
2. Sign up for a Aweber Email Autoresponder (5 minutes)
If you are using Gmail then you will need to integrate it with Clickfunnels, first you will need a GSuite account.
1. Create a Gsuite account for a new email address and connect with Your website domain (15 minutes)
Once you are member of ClickFunnels go to the Funnel market place and find the best funnels available, these range from Free, Premium and bespoke from designers. Simply look up funnels for Chiropractor, Yoga, Dancer, Gym or even accountant, it does not even need to be the same service, these funnels are easy to download and modify. When you download a Funnel you simply modify and alter to you requirements or preferences,  Or simply crate your own from scratch
Advanced Next Steps
Now for the fun!
Creating opportunities is easier than you think, pick an area you are interested in and have plenty to say about, then look at products to blog about, can help support a treatment plan, or maybe add a review aspect to your blog/website.
Remember selling is marketing, but marketing is not selling! Marketing is about trust and building relationships with people whilst offering solutions to make life easier.
Part 4- Create Your Content
Create a blog post that is structured to maximise your message and information about what you are writing about.
It needs to give value, value and value.

Initially you are creating and building a relationship with your future patients.
On choosing a subject its often a good idea to create 2 to 3 blog articles and send them weekly each being insightful and interesting..

Part 5- Create Your Emails
Put together an email to send out to your patients, something light hearted, useful and friendly and using your voice.. 
Your emails need to be;
Engaging to stay in contact, this really is your most useful marketing tool, to send visitor to your blog covering different issues and solutions, clinic news and even product reviews. 
Part 6- Create Your Graphics
A picture says a thousand words because it gets our attention, Most product affiliate programs offer images without copyright issues.

Places graphics on your website that are eye catching and create curiosity on what you do.
Link them to products, information, advice
Image example
Now distribute on your social media, website and email your patients utilise special events, day, health issues, treatments, services, clinic news. Quality content with advise, education and solutions.
Final Note
A costly mistake that many therapists and web builders who offer PPC etc is to create an ad or PPC campaign for different products and services and send them to the same home page. Relevance is key, and using this process you can create a unique ad's with a unique landing page to make your marketing more precise, a simple process that can be easily modified and revamped for different target audiences.  
Meet people where they are at and send them to the right place and give them what they want.

If you are unsure with regards the details then login into your ClickFunnels account and head over to the affiliate training and also the Funnel Builder Secrets, here you will get a grasp on content, design and resources for graphics, copy, templates. If you want get someone else to create your Funnel just contact one of the designers in the market place.
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