Business Therapy growth
Business Therapy Growth
Clinic growth with affiliate marketing resources for clinics and therapists
Resources to help you develop your Business!
Training to get you started
training to help develop sales funnels and AFFILIATE marketing
 Patient Funnel Maker
Affiliate Marketing Products
Create patient funnels to help visitors become patients and clients with the right advice and straight forward approach.
Offer product solutions to patients and clients to assist in treatment recovery and rehabilitation.
Tools To Get You Online
The basics to Get You going online with affiliate marketing and clinic development
Funnel Maker
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Email Manager
Get a glimpse of how sending emails withAweber can help you connect with customers and grow your business, a must for any clinic
Web Hosting/Themes
WP Engine equips you with a suite of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions, so you can build and deploy a range of online experiences from campaign sites to content hubs to ecommerce extensions.
LogoJoy Design
Need a new design to make you stand out and be recognised online, its all starts with good design and a logo that represents your clinic or business.
Development Tools
The basics to Get You going nline with affiliate marketing and clinic development
If you are to sell products directly then this is a simple effective way to have an online shop, website and Facebook
Getting things designed, written or research just got a whole lot easier and economical with this great outsource option
Social Proof
These are are the little boxes that let you know who has purchased, a social valued added tool 
Funnel Scripts
If you cannot write copy, or simply need a system to get it done fast this is an ideal solution.
Choosing Products
Choose products you RECOMMEND and would use yourself
Products need to give value
# 1
Affiliate products help you offer the right solution at the right time, giving you a residual income with no extra cost to your patients or clients. Without holding stock or inventory.
# 2
Using and listing products that provide value are invaluable in helping you to blog, write articles and engagement emails to your patients and clients. 
Clinic Product Products To Consider
Choose the right products for your clinic
Foam Roller
Often varied in stock, but with such a variety why not just offer the solution, popular with runners and athletes
Medical Tests
For looking into health issues such as deficiencies, blood markers for illness, allowing action to be taken. 
Theraband and tubing for injury rehabilitation and strength training.
Theraband and tubing for injury rehabilitation and strength training
Massage Oil
Affiliate Product Suppliers
Specialist supplier for finding affiliate products to supply
A large variety of products, health and non health related
A large variety of products, health and non health related.
A fast growing company promoting a large selection of health products online.
A large variety of products, health and non health related
Click Funnel Training
Free and paid products
Funnel Scripts
How to get all your scripts, sales letter and webinar slides done.
Free Funnel Training
Funnel hacks and funnels strategies used by your competitors.
Free Dotcom Secrets
Marketing that increases you marketing and growth, pay shipping only.
Free AFFILIATE Training
Affiliate training to help you get to grips with creating and developing online growth.
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